The Five Best Salt Sprays for Hair

While Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale has me slightly itching for fall (and cooler temperatures), there are still a few summer beauty styles I can’t get enough of. Case in point: salt sprays. They are a wild mane’s best friend when you just don’t feel like dealing with the heat of a blow dryer or picking up the straightener (or if you desperately miss the beach). Today, I’ve rounded up the best salt sprays for hair (and for any budget)! 

Sea Salt Hair Sprays

Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray ($5.99). If you’re not really up to splurging on a luxe salt spray, I highly recommend scooping up this drugstore buy that still gives you sexy tousled waves without the expensive price point. It also works best on those with fine hair.

Victoria’s Secret Beach Hair Wave Spray ($12). I never thought my list of favorite salt sprays would feature one from Victoria’s Secret, but I found myself using this spray daily while I was at the beach. A lot of hand styling typically occurs when you’re using a salt spray but this one was easy peasy. In fact, I think there were a couple nights I was so lazy I just slept on it and I woke up with the perfect bed head look.

Lush Sea Spray ($12.95). I sampled this spray from Lush’s limited edition Beach Box and I was pleasantly surprised by the fresh, Neroli and grapefruit scent. Not to mention, it totally gave my lack luster hair some much-needed shine.

Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray ($25). This long-time cult classic is way too popular to not mention. Before they added its brother and sister shampoo and conditioner, I used to have a lot of trouble styling my hair with this product. Then when I picked up the travel size versions, the trio of salt infused products yielded some pretty spectacular results.

Davines Sea Salt Primer for Wizards ($26). If my boyfriend ever let me style his hair, I’d spritz him with this unisex hair spray. It provides just the right amount of hold without leaving tresses feeling dry.

Best sea salt hair sprays

Above: My tousled waves look. I usually twist chunks of hair and sleep on them overnight.

What’s your favorite salt spray? Any cool styling tips and tricks?