The Best (& Worst) Hair Masks

Best hair masks - Politics of Pretty

Earlier this month I tested five, very different, hair masks for a retailer blog. I’ve had a love/hate relationship with my hair products. Sometimes, my hair feels luscious and soft after I wash it and other days it feels sticky and weighed down. I couldn’t take it anymore—so I happily jumped on board to treat my tresses in hopes I could find a new product to help bring my hair back to life again.

Out of the five I tested, there were two that easily climbed to the top of my list. Both managed to give me smooth and sleek hair in just a few applications. And both are reasonably priced too. As spring weather creeps in, it’s so important to get your hair in tip top shape, which is why I highly recommend adding a mask to your hair routine. Whether you have color-treated, dry, or damaged hair (or maybe you just desperately need a spring awakening), this is the best kind of indulgence. And in case you’re wondering, yes, I tested some not-so-great masks as well.

Read the full post here, where I break down each mask and whether they’re worth the splurge.