AM to PM with Lindsey Mask

“I try to never fall asleep with make-up on my face, so I always have a supply of makeup removing face wipes in stock at my house in addition to a regular cleansing routine. Neutrogena has a nice line of facial wipes. As for my general cleansing routine, I have sort of jumped around, probably too much, but stayed consistent with maintaining the basic “Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize” routine. I have sensitive, yet oily skin, so it is complex. There is this terrific, very natural line that is also very affordable for the great quality of products; it’s a Japanese line called DHC.  One of my favorite products is a cleansing oil, which is so counter-intuitive.  I also recently started using Arbonne, which also has top-line products, which includes a cleanser, toner, rejuvenating serum, eye repair cream and either SPF day-cream or a nighttime repair cream.

The real must-have for me is a good facial scrub, one that exfoliates without tearing the skin. I love the DHC facial scrub, in addition to Clarins! At this point in the aging process [laughs], keep my skin looking fresh is the key, so it includes keeping my pores clear and dry skin removed using steaming techniques and facial masks—clay for enlarged pores and peel off for removing dry skin. I love going to the spa for facial treatments and when indulging, microdermabrasion!

I am sort of known by my friends for finding obscure hair and nail salons in some of the less popular areas of DC.  I have found some of the best talent doesn’t come with a high price, but sometimes the passion that led them to their profession makes for the best service providers.  All to say, I know a few secret, hole-in-the-wall type locations…some of which I don’t even know the name of but know the cross-streets!”

Beauty 101: “You are what you eat!” This is important to remember because real beauty comes from within, in all regards. I am a vegetarian, which lends itself to more water-based foods, which is terrific for skin. Bottom-line: eat well, exercise, get rest, laugh, wear sunscreen, don’t smoke, and don’t hold grudges, because it shows up on your face.”

Lindsey Mask is the founder of a national young professional women’s networking organization, Ladies America.