AM to PM with Liberty Jones

Liberty Jones: PR Manager by day, beauty and style maven 24/7. This girl is always on the go! It only seemed fitting to virtually corner Liberty and beg her to dish on her favorite beauty products, on-the-go must-haves and how to apply liner in a cab speeding down Military Road.  Ladies, take note!

“I always use Cetaphil to wash my face with my Clarisonic morning and night. I feel like it leaves me dewy faced but super clean and that is the only way you should start the day. I’ve also started using my Clarisonic opal for my eyes morning and night. I use it with a firming serum from Amore Pacific in the morning and a moisturizing cream from Guerlain in the evening. My moisturizer is Aveno with SPF 15 in the summer. I use a Guerlain moisturizing mask once a week too during the winter and the ever-awesome ExfoliKate when I feel like it’s too dry or oily.

My makeup regimen varies depending on the season and just how hectic my life is at that moment (hello, applying eyeliner in the cab doing 30 MPH on Military Road is my spring-time routine when I have events everyday). The one thing I always do is use Le Metier de Beaute’s Peau Vierge. It’s like a miracle product with light foundation coverage, a little bit of sparkle and super clean finish. When I need more coverage, I’ll top it with Bobbi Brown mineral powder foundation.

For my eyes, I love Le Metier’s black ink liner. That is the best and easiest, most fool-proof eyeliner on the planet. I can use it in a pitch dark room or the avoce mentioned fast moving cab. I also love the gel liner from Bobbi Brown and the gel liner from Estee Lauder (use the blue ink when you want a pop- doesn’t matter what your eye color is. For shadow,  I can’t commit to one thing as I own, oh, about a million eye shadows. But I use a light color always to tone down the red, sometimes Chanel Liberty, which is a light sparkle or I use NARS Bellissima. For palettes, I use Guerlain, Chanel or Le Metier. Some for pigment, some for shimmer and I feel like I can never own enough purple, blue or brown shadows. I keep buying them like some sort of addict. Is there a version of The Wire for beauty junkies? There should be.”

Must-Haves: “I can’t imagine being on a deserted island without: Bobbi Brown Corrector undereye concealer in Light Bisque; DiorShow Extase Mascara in Noir and Le Metier de Beaute’s Bronzer/Blush duo in Traviate. You know that show on PBS where these families had to live like they were back in the 1700s and they couldn’t have any modern beauty products? That is my vision of hell. Oh, and the manual farm labor. Yeah that would suck too.”

In the bagChanel Glossimer in Scintillantes. It’s a sweet coral that is fabulous for a day look. I also use Le Metier’s Lip Creme in Peche Cream– I use it on top of every lipstick I own. And finally, my one and only liner, Guerlain Bois de Santal.”

The Muse: “I adore Blake Lively. If I could sneak into her bathroom past the security, I’d gank all of her products (and hair extensions).”

Liberty's Vanity

Liberty’s VanityNARS Bellissima Eyshadow Duo, $34; Le Metier de Beaute Bronzer/Blush Duet, $65; Guerlain Eyeshadow Palette in Les Violets, $59; Bobbi Brown Mineral Makeup, $38; Chanel Glossimer, $30; Guerlain ‘Super Aqua-Mask’, $117; Amore Pacific Rejuvenating Serum, $100; DiorShow Extase Mascara, $28.50.