AM to PM with Jewelry Designer Lisa Nik

“Most days I avoid wearing makeup on the face in order to allow the skin to breath. I believe in a minimalistic approrach to makeup that enables the “dress up” days to really make a bold statement. For me, using eyeliner, lip liner and gloss can give a nice natural daily look. During no makeup days, I use Darphin around the eyes to provide extra moisture and then a light application of good old fashioned Pond’s Cold Cream on the rest of my face. I love to use exotic creames and oils that I find while traveling, especially throughout Europe. You can find the most unique oils and scents in the pharmacies over there!

Exfoliation from time to time is so important to me.I love St. Ives Apricot Scrub and Witch Hazel used on a cotton ball to wipe away dead skin. Last time I was at the airport they took my scrub away from me while passing through security. I’ve found that exfoliating at night with an application of Pond’s Cold Cream after enables you to wake up with a fresh look in the morning, allowing enough time for any redness to fade.

For special occasions, I love Chanel’s creme compact that creates a flawless look when applied with a sponge. I always carry a little Chanel black eyeliner and chocolate lip liner in my purse for touch ups, and of course, I have a collection of Make Up For Ever lip glosses everywhere (in the car, purse, office drawers, etc.). For more dramatic, matte lips, I use MAC’s Paramount lipstick for a more pronounced look.

Since I have curly hair, most days I moisturize with a leave-in conditioner. My favorite is Kerastase. When I want to go out with solid curls, I let it dry naturally in a small towel wrapped on the top of my head after applying Kiehl’s Silk Groom Serum. I find that by letting it dry on the top of my head in a towel, the curls are less frizzy on the top layer and it enables nice body. Kiehl’s helps keep the curls calm and relaxes so there is not too much body and it’s softening instead of crunchy like when the mousse is used.”


Lisa Nik (@LisaNik1) is a notable jewelry designer in the District. Combining gemstones, diamonds and other elements, Nik’s designs are available in select fine jewelry stores, including my personal favorite, Tiny Jewel Box