AM to PM with Interior Designer Rachel James

“My beauty mantra is similar to what Dr. Brandt says about healthy skin: “hydrate, retinate, exfoliate.” I also swear by a good night’s sleep. I need good products that last all day: as an interior designer I go to various job sites throughout the week. However, I always carry tinted moisturizer, sunscreen, lip gloss, for quick touch ups. I like to keep Murad Vitamin C Sunscreen in my car, I use it as a hand cream and moisturizer.

When I have time in the morning, I love to start the day with a moisturizing mask like Murad—leave on for 10 minutes then rinse. Then I do a skincare routine by Natura Bisse—serum, eye cream, face cream and sunscreen. Then I use Le Metier’s tinted moisturizer since it has retinol in it so it treats and conceals. Then I apply Chanel blush and mascara and Dior black eyeliner. In the evening, I use oils instead of soaps to cleanse my skin, then hydrate all over with a moisturizer containing shea butter.

I love getting my makeup done by professionals because you always pick up a few great ideas. I had my makeup done by celebrity makeup artist Ivan Castro; he suggested a few small things that make a huge impact—like putting liquid liner directly into the lash line, and also applying your blush on the very top of your cheekbones for a perky lift.

I don’t like polish on my nails, I just get them manicured and buffed to a shine. I think they look more professional and I don’t have to worry about chipped polish when working with clients.

Over time, facials really keep your skin youthful and supple. I’m not a big hair salon gal. I don’t color it so I go probably 4-5 times a year to trim it—but when I do Brooke at Salon Bleu at Tysons Galleria is my go-to. I love simple treatments—between visits I deep condition with coconut oil.”

Rachel James is an interior designer and runs her own business, Rachel James Interiors