Across the Aisle: Mixed Chicks Review

Mixed Chicks Review Politics of Pretty

Long gone are the days of over-moisturized hair products weighing down my curly hair. Mixed Chicks is a great line for curly hair of all types. I personally have kinky curly hair and the brand is great for providing my hair texture with definition. I tried the shampoo, conditioner and leave in-conditioner and had a great experience with all three.

The shampoo does contain sulfates, which I generally avoid as products with sulfates tend to dry my hair out, but it also boasts moisturizing properties like avocado oil. I tried it after a few days of using styling products so it was a great clarifier. It wouldn’t become a daily product for me but it’s perfect once or twice a week to remove product buildup.

The Mixed Chicks conditioner and leave-in conditioner are heavy on moisture and light in weight. Often times, “moisturizing” products can leave a sticky, greasy residue and make my hair a bit heavy but the Mixed Chicks conditioners provided  healthy moisture without weighing down my hair. I’m looking forward to trying this on my straightened hair as well, it’s always tough to upkeep moisture and body!  Another plus is the scent of the conditioners, they contain jojoba and primrose oils which leave a light, pleasant herbal smell.

Mixed Chicks hair care, $12-$40; available at and various drugstores

Brittney Roberson