Makeup Tutorial: 4 Simple Steps to a Glitter Smokey Eye

I used to be that girl that would comb through every glitter smokey eye tutorial in every magazine, hoping I would find that secret tip or trick to give me that flawless smokey eye look. Truth is I never found it. If you’ve never tried glitter eyeshadow, lemmetellya… it’s super messy. And covering up any mistakes? Forget about it! After endless YouTube video plays, countless glitter shadow testing and brush hunting, I finally figured it out. The secret to a sultry glitter smokey eye has has nothing to do with finding the “right” product but everything to do with technique. Of course, a product that actually delivers is definitely a factor but we all know, practice makes perfect. So don’t expect perfection the first time you try it. And I highly recommend test driving the look before your night on the town.¬†You can check out my step-by-step guide to a glitter smokey eyes on Glitter Guide here.

How to do a glitter smokey eye