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Glossier Lash Slick Review + Haul

Glossier released its newest product—Lash Slick, an uber lengthening mascara. I knew I wanted to scoop this up as soon as it was released and it was an easy excuse to restock on some old favorites as well as try…

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Drugstore Mascara Showdown

I love my current mascara wardrobe but if I could save a few bucks and discover some new drugstore mascara dupes, I could reallocate those expenses to something else (oh like you know, a new bag or something). Of the…

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Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

When I think about my can’t-live-without makeup essentials, mascara easily tops my list. Without a tube of inky-black mascara, my lashes look limp, short and basically non-existent. Since I started blogging a little over three years ago, I’ve tested hundreds…

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