6 Urban Decay Naked Palettes, Ranked

6 Urban Decay Naked Palettes, Ranked via Politics of Pretty

I love a good product ranking (see here and here for proof). Recently, I was gifted the Urban Decay Naked Honey Palette. This is the first of the Urban Decay Naked Palettes that has been gifted to me by the brand—all the rest have either been purchased with my own money or I was gifted a palette by a friend or family member. Needless to say, I was pretty stoked to receive it before it was available to purchase and immediately swatched every single shade.

While I haven’t tried every single Naked palette by Urban Decay (specifically, the Heat palette and the original Naked palette), I feel like I own enough to rank each one based on versatility, staying power, texture and frequency of use.

6. Naked3 Palette

This was the first Naked palette I ever received and I remember begging my sister to get it for me for Christmas one year. I used this every single day for several months and I know I definitely got use out of it but over time it lost its luster with me. It’s still a gorgeous rose-hued palette and most of the shades have a beautiful, buttery soft texture.

5. Naked Cherry Palette

Out of all the palettes, I was the most excited for this one. I knew I wanted it when they announced it was coming and I made sure to scoop it up. So why is it ranked low on my list? The sultry, burgundy shades are just too ‘out there’ for my style. When I started playing around the shades, watching tutorials I realized I didn’t really have much of a purpose for this palette.

4. Naked Petite Heat

I know this is a super popular palette among makeup artists and beauty vloggers and I will say the shades are absolutely stunning in the pan and on my eyes. At the same time, this is a very seasonal palette for me. I do love that I can take this on trips though.

3. Naked Honey

This is the newest launch by UD and the only palette that has been gifted to me by the brand. I’ve had a couple of weeks to play with the different shades and try a few different looks and to my own surprise, I like this so much more than I thought I would. 12 golden neutrals that work for day or night. I tend to gravitate towards the light, matte neutrals but I really like the shade HBIC for a pop of glam.

2. Naked2 Basics

This is my favorite palette to travel with and why it’s #2 on my list of favorites.  The matte shadows are a little powdery, but the pigmentation is great and all the colors work well with my fair skin. I reach for this for just about any occasion, and especially for work. Skimp and Frisk are my go-to shades for a lightly contoured eye.

1. Naked Reloaded

Unlike most of the other Naked palettes, this one was not necessarily at the top of my wish list when it came out. Then I finally bought it when I had a 20% coupon at Ulta. I love that the four outer pans are bigger for the shades I use more often. The bright peach hue is absolutely stunning and of course, I love that this palette has a mix of warm and cool tones, metallics and shimmers.

Do you love collecting Urban Decay Naked palettes? If so, which one is your favorite?

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